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From Busy Go Getter to Moving with Intention With Toria Frederick

In this episode, Kathy talks to Toria Frederick, a dynamic Marketing Executive and Growth Strategist with successful experiences in driving growth for iconic brands. As the Managing Partner of Hatch Venture Group, she collaborates with organizations to develop strategic plans and innovative solutions to unlock new growth opportunities. Toria and her son co-founded The Step Stool Chef and are building a platform dedicated to build kid leadership through cooking.

As longtime friends, Kathy and Toria talk about their individual stories and many parallels. Along their career paths, both have faced similar challenges of being “overlooked and undervalued”, especially as women of color in both the corporate and entrepreneurial world. They acknowledge the difficult trial and errors of the entrepreneurial journey and the importance of protecting your success. Kathy and Toria cover the necessity of finding value in yourself, controlling your fate and setting the intention for how you want to show up in the world.

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About Kathy Guzmán Galloway:

Kathy Guzmán Galloway is a girl mom, entrepreneur, strategist and 20 year veteran of the CPG marketing world. She is the CEO at kgalloway consulting, where she helps small businesses to Fortune 500 organizations drive growth with strategy and innovation. She’s also the founder and CEO of Dual Language Family - a travel and language startup that helps families raising bilingual children connect language learning to real people and experiences. She’s a Jersey girl living in Texas, proud daughter of Dominican Republic immigrants, who loves cooking, beaches and 90’s merengue.

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About Fork in the Road Podcast

Fork in the Road Podcast shares the stories of women who have faced the choice between leaning into an invested career in Corporate America or daring to venture onto an unknown path. So many women in Corporate America today are facing a Fork in the Road: the choice between staying with what you know and working to transform it into what you want - or risking it all for the unknown and manifesting something better. Because not every road is right for every one, listen to these stories to inspire you to choose yours.

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